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Student/Athlete-Cleveland plans to 

recognize Student/All Adjunct Learning 

Activities-Cleveland; S/A-C 

restructuring to take place over summer 


In an ongoing relationship, Student/Athlete-Cleveland has begun working again with ITM LTD/Teen Dragon Project with intents to expand its leadership in Cleveland-area Student/Athleticism, but moreover with intents to expand into other areas.

Expect to see by the start of the new school year in the fall an expanded Student/Athlete-Cleveland and the debut of projected other electronic newspapers for those in the classroom full time and electing for adjunct learning opportunities in subsequence in part-time rolls that should include but not limited to a Student/Musician-Cleveland, a Student/AthleteHistory-Cleveland, and Student/MusicHistory-Cleveland and much more.

ITM LTD is headed up by CEO Jack Craciun III, the funeral parlor heir whose grandfather, John “Jack” Craciun I, founded Craciun Funeral Home and was instrumental in the forming of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, both on Cleveland’s Midtown West Side Italian American District, in the early part of the 20th century.

JJC III has also has quite a track record in business, music, entertainment and philanthropy in Cleveland, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Honk Kong, Bejing and Tokyo. His current project centers on the development of teen musicians and linked to the Cleveland Dragon project, which is furthermore linked to Asia by way of Cleveland’s International District.

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 Cleveland Music Icon Jack Craciun 

inspires expansion of Student/Athlete-

Cleveland to integrate and include all 

adjunct learning ops

 By Norm Weber

Student/Athlete-Cleveland Editor


John “Jack” Craciun the III was an icon to the Cleveland music scene in the 1960s and 1970s and to the Asian countries in the 1980s and 1990s before returning to Cleveland for this century to continue building wholesome relations between Cleveland/USA and the Asian countries.

Craciun III, known simply as “Jack,” grew up in Cleveland’s Midtown West Side Italian/American District. His Romanian grandfather JJC I, founded the Craciun Funeral Home that has several locations around the Cleveland area, but began in the West 70th and Detroit blocks, next to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, which his Italian grandfather had a hand in building.

Craciun with his many Chinese friends, particularly the youth

Educationally, Craciun went to Mt. Carmel School, followed by prep school in Pennsylvania and college at the University of Toledo. When friends came home in body bags from the Vietnam War and his dad’s funeral home had to arrange to bury them, Craciun decided he wanted to go a different direction from that of the family business and subsequently found more joy and solace in music.

Although cliché and an in-jest expression, “I know where all the dead bodies are buried,” for Craciun has a far more literal than figurative meaning.

Young Americans in the 1960s rebelled against the war in Southeast Asia and with that came rebellion of other things within “the establishment.” Music became an outlet and Festivals like Woodstock, Altamont, and Newport 69 brought many of these youngsters together to mellow by just “listening to the music,” as the Doobie Brothers would have it a few years later.

Before these big shows came, the expansion of popular music also had to grow so that these bands playing these huge venues hours on end would have a large repertoire of songs.

Up until the mid-to-late 1960s, music fans would listen to the Top 40 songs on 45 RMP records only, rarely listen to the B side and possibly listen to the non-hits on a 33 vinyl maybe once. The songs were just not recognizable and did not get more than just a cursory look.

Then things changed and it happened right here in Cleveland with the advent of FM radio and “album rock,” but that needed a radio station that would take the risk to tread unfamiliar waters.

Contrary to common belief, that first “underground” station, which was the first of its kind not only in Cleveland but also the entire U.S., was WNCR. No, it was not WMMS.

WNCR came first and Craciun was one of the big players in making it happen. WNCR began the move to playing cuts off albums that were not on the DJ playlists and thus became the pioneer of this massive growth and one of the reasons the Rock Hall was earmarked for here, as well as the local clubs serving as sort of a “minor league” for up-and-coming bands for years. WMMS copied WNCR, gained more financial backing, and eventually put WNCR out of business.

However, this thrust Craciun into orbit as a producer. Quickly he was sharing meetings with Hank LaConti, Sr., the founder of the original Agora Ballroom on 22nd and Payne. The Agora grew into a national chain.

Craciun, a father of eight children, was instrumental in The Fifth Dimension’s hit “Up, UP and Away” and the formation of local pop culture show, “UP Beat.” Before he knew what hit him, Craciun was in the same room as national record producers and concert promoters in places such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles for firms like Billboard Magazine and others.

Craciun on Chinese National TV

One band Craciun was promoting was a group called “Ralph,” a multiple-piece/man set out of the Poconos. Craciun once booked Ralph into a show that drew nearly 200,000 fans in Kentucky.

Ralph was booked by Craciun into doing a show for the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Army with the blessings of the Pentagon.

Always a pioneer, Craciun arranged and produced the very first simulcast in the history of radio and TV when Ralph played at the Agora in a show that was broadcast for audio on WMMS while at the same time for viewing the concert on WUAB TV. Seven years later MTV was formed and “Vee Jay” became a new job title, and by the start of this century “multi-media” became every day parlance on the Western Hemisphere.

Craciun was written about and quoted in publications all over the world: see Craciun news clippings page https://sites.google.com/a/studentathletecleveland.com/student-athlete-cleveland/itm-cleveland-teen-dragon-articles. He also formed the Robert F. Kennedy college scholarship fund in the 1970s for students who otherwise did not have the means to study in higher education.

In the 1980s, Craciun was “kicked out” of the country by his dad and was told to go build relations with the Asian people and help them understand western values. So Craciun went on a more than two-decade mission to bring American business, recreation, and culture to Asia through the American spirit, communications acumen and next-level promotion.

Craciun traveled all over the Orient as no other American man could. His passport during that time was enhanced to multiple volumes as he was in and out of countries with as much frequency as Clevelanders move around among and within the outlying suburbs.

By the start of this century, Craciun was the chairman of ITM . His current Cleveland Dragons project still includes his involvement with Student/Musicians.

Look for expansion to the Student/Music-Cleveland electronic newspaper that will use multi-media to bring the sounds, visions, motions and words to anyone willing to learn from the budding music learners. Coverage will include such Student/Musician activities as marching band, pep band, school orchestra, school choir, improv singing groups, dance groups, and of course garage bands.

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