A Page -- May 16, 2011

South gals, Marlington guys win 

Buckeye Conference Track and Field 


Canton South won the girls’ division and Marlington the boys’ division in the Buckeye Conference High School Track and Field championships.

The South girls with 86 points were followed by Louisville 67, 3) Carrollton 35, 4) Marlington 32, 5) Minerva 28.50, 6) Northwest 26.50, 7) Alliance 20,  8) West Branch 15.

The Marlington guys with 65 points were followed by 2) Minerva  46, 3) Louisville 44,  4) Canton South 43, 5) Alliance 35, 6) Carrollton 30, 7) Northwest 24  and 7) West Branch  24.
Leading South was Imani Bush with a win in the 100-meter dash, Tierra More with the fastest time in the 100 hurdles, and Danielle Torrence with league titles in both the shot put and discus. 

The Louisville gals had Mackenzie Rankin, 2) Brooke Mathie, 3) Sarah Davis, and 4) Mattison Rankin, win the two-mile relay.

Also for the Leopards, Alyx Crislip, won the long jump with a leap of 15-09.50. Rankin was right behind her in second.

Allison Lindic won the high jump for Northwest.

Marlington’s boys were led to the title by the 800 relay team that won the league with 1:32.70 and  1:32.47  finishes. In that foursome were 1) Adam Blake, 2) Alden Hill,  3) Tyler Siefke, 4) Ryan  Kaplan.                   

Also for Marlington, the team of  1) Kyle Masterson, 2) Colin Eggleston,  3) Ryan Kaplan,                    and 4) Brian Baum, won the 2-mile relay with a 7:59.72 finish.

Andrew Whaley, won both the shot and disc for the Dukes. 

Michael Millard, won the high jump for Northwest

Eric Thompkins won the 100 dash and Joshea Washington the 110 hurdles for the South guys.

Mount earns record 12th OAC 

All-Sports Trophy; Academic All 

American Annie Patton, Hoban 

product Bill Schindel to be bestowed 

Clyde Lamb Awards tonight

May 15, 2011 

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Mount Union will be awarded a record 12th Ohio Athletic Conference Men's All-Sports Trophy and seniors Annie Patton (Darlington, Pa./Blackhawk) and Bill Schindel (Tallmadge/Akron Hoban) will be honored with OAC Clyde Lamb Awards tonight (Monday night) at the OAC's Awards Dinner in Columbus.

The Purple Raiders won five men's OAC championships during the 2010-11 year with title in football, men's cross country, wrestling, men's outdoor track and field and men's golf.

Mount Union totalled 80.5 points as each team's finish is given a point total and added together.  The 80.5 points was 1.0 point ahead of second place Ohio Northern while Baldwin-Wallace (60.5 pts.) was in third place.

It breaks Ohio Northern's five-year run of winning the award and is the first time Mount Union has won the award since the 2002-03 season. 
Baldwin-Wallace wins the women's all-sports trophy for a record 14th time with 77.5 points, Ohio Northern is in second with 75.25 points while the Raiders, who won titles in women's basketball and women's outdoor track and field is in third with 66.75 points.

Patton and Schindel are Mount Union's winners of the annual Clyde Lamb Awards given to the top female and male student athletes from each of the OAC's 10 institutions.
Academic All American Annie Patton

Patton is All-American, Academic All-American for the women's track and field team as she holds the OAC record in javelin and was the 2008 champion in the event.

Also she has been instramental in community service efforts in Mount Union and Alliance community such as Soles4Souls, Hugs for Haiti and March Makeover remodel of the Alliance Empowerment Center.

Schindel is a three-time OAC Champion, three-time All-American and an Academic All-OAC selection for the wrestling team. 

 His 83 wins are the sixth most in school history and his leadership as team captain during the adversity the Mount Union team endured was invaluable as the Raiders matched its best finish ever placing eighth in the nation at the NCAA Championships.
Walsh Jesuit seniors Matt Spittler (L) and Garrett Cona after last  year's district

Oberlin tennis district field is loaded 

with Student/Athletes bringing back

State experience; 12 of 18 2010 state 

qualifiers return; siblings of two others 

also in draw here; Westlake’s Colton 

Buffington heads up the “Dazzling 


By Norm Weber

Defending state big-school runner-up Colton Buffington was voted the tops among all No. 1 seeds Sunday night for the Division I Oberlin High School Tennis Districts to begin later this week.

However, Buffington, who has led Westlake High to three consecutive Southwestern Conference championships, will be in a tough bracket, one that includes Tommy Marx, Shaker Heights’ top player the past three years who amazingly comes in as a No. 3 seed after a rough Brush sectional.

Marx and Buffington (still a junior) would meet in the second round should both win their first-round matches, Buffington against Kenston’s Ryan Reese and Marx against Jackson’s Nate Gardner.

As to the surprise of not many, Jake Dunbar of Cloverleaf also comes in as a No. 1 seed. His brother Ethan defeated Buffington for the district championship here last year.

Many of the field here are familiar faces, as only three of the 18 boys who qualified to states in singles and doubles out of this district last year were seniors. Marx and Buffington are two of the 145 2010 state qualifiers that did not graduate at the end of last school year.
David Gabriel -- "Student/Athlete" personified

Also back to the district field from last year’s state-qualifying throng is Marx teammate David Gabriel, who will be going after his fourth trip to States. Gabriel is also the embodiment of the concept “Student/Athlete” as he is not only a high achiever in the classroom but also competes nationally in various academic Olympics.

St. Ignatius’ James Oliver is seeking his fourth trip to states after falling to Buffington in the sectional finals Saturday here.

Lake High’s Ross Whittaker, who made it to a state tennis tournament before getting his driver’s license, is back as sophomore and, boy, is he back – as a No. 1 seed.
Hudson’s Patrick Ohanian and Steven Boslet 

Hudson’s Patrick Ohanian and Steven Boslet made it to States last year as a doubles team and are back this season as district doubles qualifier out of the Solon sectional.

Another defending state qualifying team returning to the district is Walsh Jesuit’s Garrett Cona and Matt Splitter, the No. 1 seed out of the Solon sectional.
Eisenberg (r) with the graduated Nate Kanam

Jackson’s Will Eisenberg qualified to States in 2010 with a senior as a doubles team last year and is back at districts this year with Mike McAndrew as a No. 2 seed out of the Canton sectional.

Also back is Kenston’s Nolan Marks (note: surname spelled differently than the one from Shaker) as a No. 2 singles player out of Solon’s sectional.

Defending state qualifier Jake McMahon from Geneva is also returning for another shot to return to Columbus but with a different doubles partner.

Solon High has Jason Schrode here as a singles qualifier. Schrode’s brother, Evan, made it to states last year. 

The top six singles players and top six doubles teams here will qualify to States.


Jesse Owens' and the German Lutz Long's 

families to gather together to celebrate 

75th anniversary of former East Tech 

sprinter's Olympic victories

 By Matt McGowan and Larry Eder

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Jesse Owens' record-breaking performance of four gold medals in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. To commemorate his achievements, The Ohio State University unveiled a statue of the East Tech High alumnus last month in front of the Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium.

Olympic Gold
 100 meters – 10.3 seconds
Long jump – 26 feet 5½ inches
200 meters – 20.7 seconds
4 x 100 relay – 39.8 seconds
 Affectionately known as the "Buckeye bullet," Owens won a record eight individual NCAA championships, four each in 1935 and 1936. 
At the 1935 Big Ten Track and Field Championships in Ann Arbor, Michigan Ohio State University’s sophomore Jesse Owens set 4 World Records in less than an hour. Owens tied the World Record in the 100-yard dash and then set the World Record in the long jump, the 220-yard dash and the 220 low hurdles.

Time line of 4 World Records
3:15pm – 100 yards – tied World record – 9.4 seconds
3:25pm - Long Jump – World record - 26 feet 8¼ inches
3:34pm – 220 yards – World record – 20.3 seconds
4pm – 220 low hurdles – World record – 22.6 seconds 

Jesse Owens was an American phenomenon. A gifted athlete, a man of his times, Owens was thrown into the middle of a propaganda war between democracy and fascism, in a world still fatigued from the first Great War. 

The ironic thing is, Jesse Owens was not treated well in the United States in the 1930s; he was the focal point of racism, as were most black Americans of his generation.

 It does not make it better to say that it was part of the zeitgeist. Jesse Owens was a black man in the United States. He was proud of being an American, but he must have felt frustrated, not being treated with the respect, he knew, as a human being, which he deserved.

Was the 1936 Olympics some type of battle between fascism and democracy? The 1930's were a time of great beauty and great ugliness. The Spanish Civil War, considered the testing site for the Second World War, was nearly finished. 

By 1936, Adolf Hitler had complete control of Germany and was pushing the tired old countries of Europe, assuring them that his requests for Austria, Czechoslovakia, etc. where just the last demands of a dictator with a Charlie Chaplin mustache and gaudy uniforms. 

A global depression was making it hard for most men to feed their families, much less worry about the rest of the world. America First, an organization encouraging the US to stay out of European troubles, had support of nearly 50 percent of Americans by 1936, and by 1939, it was upward of 60 percent.

Depending on the historian, one will hear many different stories. One will hear that the IOC had its hands full in stopping the Nazi propaganda machine led by Dr. Josef Goebbels. 

Reportedly, then head of the IOC, Henri de Baillet-Latour, did tell Chancellor Hitler to either show up at all medal ceremonies or none at all. de Baillet-Latour had also threatened to change the site of the Olympics. 

One will also hear how sprinters Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller, prominent Americans, were kept from running and replaced by Jesse Owens and Ralph Metcalfe on the day of the 400-meter relay. Some said that this was to make sure the US beat the Germans.

AAU/USOC Head Avery Brundage's hand was seen in the team changes. Brundage, who along with all others, was beat by Jim Thorpe in the 1912 decathlon and pentathlon. His life as a Student/Athlete and sports leader (AAU, USOC, IOC) would last for nearly fifty years.

If people complain about federations and sports bureaucracy now, the 1930s had more red tape. 

Owens was tired and wanted to see his family after a long season in Europe. Brundage used the situation to make sure Owens would never compete as an amateur again.

One could call Brundage names, but he was the guy with the Olympic charter despite his treatment of Owens.

Owens held his head up, found various ways to support his family and like most Americans, black or white, did the best he could. In good times and in bad times, Americans find a way to make life work. Owens was purely American.
Lutz Long and Owens

The part of the story of Owens that rings true to this day was his friendship with Lutz Long, the German who helped Jesse with his steps in the long jump. That was not about racism being overcome; it was about athleticism, the true beauty of the sport. It was not about color or nationality; it was about sport -- honest sport.

The picture of Long and Owens, arms around shoulders, leaving the Berlin Stadium after Owens took the gold and Long the silver, is one of the great images in sports. 

That Long would lose his life on the Eastern front fighting communism during the Second World War added to the legend

Families of Jesse Owens and Lutz Long will meet at the IAAF World Championships. Image is key in sports history, and this is one that all can be proud of. One Owens family member has been the Rhodes High girls' track coach for three decades.
If Owens were alive today, he would be pleased with the changes in the sport, of amateurism being dismantled and he would be pleased that a good athlete could make a nice living. 

Owens might also be disheartened by the level of depravity that has become part of the sport: drugs, athletes with criminal records, and athletes not realizing that they are always role models and need to behave as such.

That Owens was objecting to the 1968 Olympics and the stands of eventual Oberlin College Track Coach Tommie Smith and John Carlos should come as no surprise. 

By this time Owens was doing some work for the USOC. He was cast as an older black man and supporter of the status quo.

Owens paid a huge price for his being a black athlete in the 1930s; Smith and Carlos paid a huge price for their stunning performances. 

Editor’s Note: Chancellor Hitler did congratulate Owens on his accomplishments in the ’36 Olympics even though no camera captured it. Conversely, Franklin Delano Roosevelt never did congratulate Owens because he did not want to lose the white vote from the Dixie states during the Presidential election a couple months after the Berlin Olympics. In fact, Owens kept a picture of Hitler on his mantel and current-day Owens family members today say that any rift that might have appeared between Owens and the German chancellor was merely manufactured by an imaginative press and overzealous Hollywood hype, essentially opportunists taking advantage of a timely event.

B-W Women Win OAC All-Sports 

Trophy; Academic All American Tanya 

Davis, near MBA Jeff Grater earn Clyde 

Lamb Awards  

The Baldwin-Wallace College women won the 2010-11 Ohio Athletic Conference All-Sports Trophy and won one regular season title (indoor track) and three OAC Tournament crowns (softball, tennis and golf) while the Yellow Jacket men placed third. The women’s title is its 14th in the last 20 years and first since an eight-year streak from 1998-99 through 2005-06.

Spring Teams Leads the Way — B-W’s eight spring teams had a combined 296-110 record with a .729 winning percentage. Six teams had winning records and two were at .500. For the 2010-11 school year, 16 of 21 teams had winning marks, two had .500 slates and just three had losing records. Combined, the 21 teams had a 632-276 record with a .694 winning percentage. Its 16-3-2 team mark equates to an .833 winning percentage.
Grater and Davis Honored on Monday in Columbus --  Senior OAC Soccer Midfielder of the Year Jeff Grater (Stow), who carries a 3.93 grade average and is completing his Master’s of Business in Accounting degree this spring, and senior CAPITAL ONE Academic All-American softball centerfielder Tanya Davis (Medina Highland), who carries a 3.93 grade average in athletic training, are this year’s B-W recipients of the OAC’s Clyde Lamb Award. The award is symbolic of the school’s top male and female student-athlete.  The All-Sports trophies and the Clyde Lamb awards will be presented on Monday, May 16 at the annual OAC Clyde Lamb Awards ceremony in Columbus.

Eight Currently Qualified for Track National Meet --  Eight Yellow Jacket  track student-athletes are currently qualified for the 2011 NCAA Division III National Track & Field Championship Meet at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio from May 26-28. This is the third straight year that the state of Ohio has hosted the NCAA Outdoor Championship Meet with it being at B-W’s Finnie Stadium in 2010 and at Marietta College in 2009.

For the Yellow Jackets, three student-athletes are qualified automatically and five are provisional qualifiers. The trio include senior All-American Kevin Phipps (Patsakala/ Watkins Memorial) in the hammer and discus, senior All-American Kim Chinn (Zanesville/ West Muskingum) in the 3000-meter steeplechase and sophomore All-American Mitch Supan (Medina/ Walsh Jesuit) in the discus. Phipps is also provisionally qualified in the shot put, Chinn in the 5000 and 10,000-meter runs and Supan in the shot and hammer. The provisional qualifiers include freshman Brandon Eddy (Cuyahoga Heights) in the pole vault, sophomore Zach Marinucci (Brunswick) in the shot, senior Matt Kromer (Parma/ Senior) in the discus,  junior Miles Moore (Gettysburg, Pa./ Delone Catholic) in the shot and senior All-American Emily Oliver (Waynesburg/ Sandy Valley) in the 7-event heptathlon.

Women’s Golf Team Finishes 15th at NCAA Tourney — The women’s golf team finished 15th at the Division III National Tournament at the Mission Inn Golf & Tennis Resort in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida. Ohio Athletic Conference Coach of the Year Alyson Campbell’s five-player OAC Championship lineup included two sophomores, Brooke Hamilton (St. Joseph Academy) and Rebecca Kapusta (Independence) and three freshmen, Emily Woolf (Ravenna), Miranda Cunningham (Dayton Christian) and Rebecca Jones (Hilliard Darby). All five placed in the top 15 at the OAC tourney and earned All-OAC accolades. Kapusta led B-W at the NCAA tourney with a 54-hole total of 257. Woolf led the 83-18 overall Yellow Jackets with an 84.5 stroke average in 12 events and 22 rounds.

Softball Team Ties Record, Wins Title; Murray is OAC Freshman of the Year and All-Central Region — The softball team’s 28 wins and 28-10 record tied the school mark for most wins as it won an OAC title, advanced to the Div. III national tourney for the first time since 1992 and did it while at times starting six freshmen, including OAC Freshman of the Year and first-team All-NFCA (National Fast-Pitch Coaches Association) designated player/ pitcher Tabitha Murray (Mogadore/ Field).  Murray batted .388 with six homeruns and 26 runs batted-in and had a 6-0 pitching mark with a 1.65 earned run average. In addition, Tanya Davis (see Clyde Lamb note above) set school career records for at-bats (527), run scored (140), doubles (51) and RBI (146). She also was second in base hits (203) and batting average (.391 on 206-for-527).

B-W Selects its 2010-11 Outstanding Senior Athletes --  Senior 4-time All-American track thrower and All-Ohio Athletic Conference football defensive tackle Kevin Phipps and senior track and cross country All-American Kim Chinn are this year’s Baldwin-Wallace College Outstanding Male & Female Athletes of the Year. Both Phipps and Chinn are already automatically qualified for this spring’s NCAA Division III National Track Meet at Ohio Wesleyan University in Columbus from May 26-28.

Chinn and Supan Win OAC Championships Awards — For the second straight year, Kim Chinn was named as the Dave Lehman Most Outstanding Distance Runner at the OAC Outdoor Track Championship Meet. In addition,  sophomore All-American Mitch Supan (Medina/ Walsh Jesuit) was the Sparky Adams Most Outstanding Male Field Athlete. Chinn won her award for individually winning the 800-meter run, 5000-meter run and 3000-meter steeplechase and anchored the winning 4x800-meter relay team. Supan earned his award for winning the shot put and placing second in both the discus and hammer events. Chinn is qualified for the NCAA meet in the 1500-meter and 5000-meter runs and 3000-meter steeplechase. She was the national runner-up in the steeple a year ago. Supan is qualified in all three throwing events and was an All-American in the discus.

Marsinek leads WJ Baseball to 15th consecutive \

Sectional Championship

Southpaw strikes out 11 in 5-1/3 and Faix shuts the door; Multi-hit 

games from Frye and Lundy, key doubles from Romans, Leonatti, and 

Snyder and a key two-run single from Dan Keller move Warriors to 

District Tournament

The Walsh Jesuit Baseball team collected its 15th consecutive OHSAA State Tournament Sectional Championship behind the two-hit pitching of Junior lefty Michael Marsinek on a soggy Friday. In what continues to be described as arguably the rainiest spring in Ohio history, Marsinek remained sharp, striking out eleven East batters in 5-1/3 innings pitched to improve to 7-0 on the year.

 Senior Kent State recruit Tim Faix came on to pitch a perfect final two outs in the sixth, striking out one. Leading the charge for the Warriors at the plate was Junior Graeme Frye with two hits, as well as Senior Nate Lundy also with a pair of hits including his tenth double of the year. Also contributing a key double was Freshman Nate Romans, as well as Senior Slippery Rock recruit Kolton Snyder and Junior Zack Leonatti. 

Also hitting well on the day was Sophomore C Cassidy Brown with a key two-run single, as well as Senior Dan Keller with a critical two-run single of his own. Junior Anthony Nemer also hit well on the day.
With the win, the Maroon & Gold improve to 18-2 on the year will play in the District Semi-Final at Summit Lake Park on Wednesday, May 18th at 2:00 PM.