A Page -- Sept. 20, 2012




All the scoring came in the second half of this Southwestern Conference
match as Avon Lake struck first on a goal off a free kick by senior
Kailey McClain.  She was able to lift a shot just under the crossbar from
25 yards out to beat the Meteor goalie.

Midway through the second half, Midpark tied the game on a goal by junior
Katie Bainbridge who took a long pass on the left wing and sped past the
Avon Lake defense to fire one into the Shoregal net.

The teams played a scoreless first half as Avon Lake had a decided
in shots 13 to 2 over Midpark, but were constantly thwarted and forced to
long shots by a packed in Meteor defense who utilized all 10 of their field
players in their defensive third of the field.

Midpark goalie senior Sam Thompson turned away 8 shots while Avon Lake
goalie Abby Rogers made 2 saves.

In JV action, Avon Lake prevailed by a score of 5-0.  Molly Jeffries scored
two goals for the Shoregals while Molly Maloney, Addy Poole, and Sam
added one a piece.  Assists came from Mariela Lopez with two and Marisa
& Emily Herman with one each.  In goal for Avon Lake were Amy Crooks with
one save
and Lindsay Butler with one save.

Girls Soccer

Avon Lake vs. Midpark

Game Date:    Wednesday Sept. 19, 2012

Final Score:
Avon Lake (AL) - 1        Midpark (M) - 1

AL    1-3-3            M    4-3-2

AL    Kailey McClain         M    Katie Bainbridge

AL    None             M    None

Shots on Goal:
AL    9            M    3

AL    Abby Rogers - 2 saves

M    Sam Thompson - 8 saves

AL    18            M    5

Corner Kicks:
AL    0            M    2

AL    2            M    0

AL    3            M    7

AL    0            M    0
Wildcats return to Erie for another battle with a PA team

By Eddie Dwyer
The Corner / www.ignatius.edu

When you play a team with the powerful running attack Erie McDowell possesses,
the burden doesn’t only fall on your defense.

Saint Ignatius’ 30-year head coach Chuck Kyle ’69 will be the first to tell you that
his offense has to “help the defense” on Friday night, when the Wildcats (4-0)
travel to Gus Anderson Field in Erie, Pennsylvania to face the Trojans (2-1) and
their three-headed monster – running backs James Conner, Khyre Drayer and
Tyree Spearman.

“This is a team that has run the football on everybody,” said Coach Kyle of the
Trojans, who are averaging well over 400 yards rushing after three games. “Their
line is disciplined and they really fire out. They have two (Conner and Drayer)
strong, big backs who have speed and have made big plays. You look at them and
you think they are just driving the ball down the field, but they have made big plays
on breakaways when you’re trying to cover their option (offense).

"In a way, philosophically, what we would like is what happened against Cardinal
Mooney (31-7 in Week 1), where offensively we were scoring and yeah we bent,
but didn’t break defensively,” Coach Kyle said of a Mooney team that also features
a potent ground game. “We got the stops and the offense did the job. When we
put that third one (touchdown) in just before halftime, that really discourages a
team like Mooney. We hope to have our offense in high gear on Friday night.”

McDowell, which flirted with 500 yards rushing in its opening-night loss to Mentor
in Erie, 34-27, has bounced back with dominant victories over General McLane, 48-
14, and Lancaster Catholic, 49-20.

Last Saturday afternoon, the Trojans went into Lancaster Catholic’s Mansion Park
Stadium and snapped the Crusaders' 18-game winning streak. With Conner (6-0,
190 pounds), Drayer (5-11, 212) and Spearman showing the way, McDowell
invoked the Pennsylvania mercy rule against a Lancaster Catholic program that
won the 2009 Pennsylvania AA state championship.

The Trojans entered the Lancaster Catholic game averaging 427 yards rushing and
460 total yards. They surpassed both of those marks by racking up 458 yards
rushing and 522 total yards against a usually formidable Crusaders defense.
Conner rushed for 244 yards on just nine carries and rambled for scoring runs of
73, 92 and 68 yards. 

The 5-10, 170-pound Spearman carried the pigskin five times
and totaled 133 yards and touchdown gallops of 46 and 45 yards. Drayer was
outstanding in defeat against Mentor, rushing for 236 yards and finding the end
zone three times.

“A lot of times it’s the true triple-read option,” Coach Kyle said of a Trojans’
offense that resembles the attack employed by the Centerville Elks.

Along with their depth, the record 11-time Ohio Division I state champion Wildcats
feature an offense that is very balanced and very precise. Unlike the Mentor game,
when McDowell was able to load up against the passing game, Saint Ignatius
senior quarterback Mike LaManna (11 touchdown passes) and his gifted receivers
and Wildcats All-Ohio senior running back Tim McVey (10 TDs) keep opposing
defenses very honest.

“This is a strong challenge for us,” said Coach Kyle. “This (McDowell) is a solid
football team.”

High School Golf -- PAC-7 Tourney Results

  Individual Scores               Totals

1st     Bowe Andrews (cv)               71
2nd     Sean Mills (iv)         78
3rd     Garrett Thompson (tv)   82
4th     Camm Barr (tv)          84
5th     Jeff Britton (cv)               84
6th     Mitchell Lehigh (iv)            84
7th     Zach Matheny (ma)               86
8th     Mike Pillegi (ma)               86
9th     Spencer Knowles (cv)    86
10th    Brian Harris (tu)               87
11th    Tanner Johnson (tv)             88
12th    Alfred Perry (cv)               88
13th    Adam Maynard (tu)               89
14th    Chandler Planisek (tr)  89
15th    Jadan Hartzler (iv)             89
16th    Kevin Cantrell (tr)             90
17th    Max Crowder (ma)                90
18th    Peyton Zigler (tv)              90
19th    Ethan Goodman (ma)              91
20th    Kyle Edmonds (cv)               91
21st    Josh Seidel (ma)                92
22nd    Brett Rentsch (iv)              92
23rd    Bret Penick (iv)                93
24th    Colin Steele (tr)               94
25th    Sam Higl (tv)           94
26th    Tristan Bailey (fa)             95
27th    Isaiah Schafrath (tr)           95
28th    Sean Fry (fa)           97
29th    Caleb Goodman (ma)              97
30th    Ridge Majors (tu)               98
31st    Garrick Tucker (fa)             98
32nd    Brandon Barbara         98
33rd    Ben Shoenfelt (fa)              100
34th    Jake Huffman (tu)               102
35th    Alex Lombardi (tu)              105
36th    Aaron Silvestri (fa)            105
37th    James Fishel (cv)               108
38th    Jamie MacAdam (iv)              112
39th    Maxton Miller (tr)              113
40th    Dylan Davis (ti)                114
41st    Jaret Quinn (fa)                115
42nd    Tiffany LeMasters (tu)  117
43rd    Darren Rudy (tr)                120
44th    Matt Sigley (ti)                121
45th    Devin Diehl (ti)                130
46th    Nathan Davis (ti)               130
47th    Jacqub Smith (ti)               139

        Team            Totals

1st     CVCA            329
2nd     Indian Valley           343
3rd     Tusky Valley            344
4th     Manchester              353
5th     Triway          368
6th     Tuslaw          376
7th     Fairless                390
8th     Timken          495

        Individual Scores (ALL 3 ROUNDS)        Totals
1st     Bowe Andrews (cv)               220
2nd     Garrett Thompson (tv)           241
3rd     Mitchell Lehigh (iv)            242
4th     Camm Barr (tv)          245
5th     Jeff Britton (cv)               246
6th     Sean Mills (iv)         246
7th     Tanner Johnson (tv)             253
8th     Max Crowder (ma)                258
9th     Zach Matheny (ma)               258
10th    Adam Maynard (tu)               259
11th    Peyton Zigler (tv)              261
12th    Sam Higl (tv)           265
13th    Josh Seidel (ma)                269
14th    Bret Penick (iv)                270
15th    Alfred Perry (cv)               271
16th    Spencer Knowles (cv)            271
17th    Brett Rentsch (iv)              274
18th    Chandler Planisek (tr)          275
19th    Kyle Edmonds (cv)               276
20th    Ethan Goodman (ma)              278
21st    Caleb Goodman (ma)              278
22nd    Jadan Hartzler (iv)             278
23rd    Mike Pillegi (ma)               280
24th    Kevin Cantrell (tr)             283
25th    Isaiah Schafrath (tr)           285
26th    Brian Harris (tu)               287
27th    Colin Steele (tr)               287
28th    Ben Shoenfelt (fa)              293
29th    James Fishel (cv)               293
30th    Garrick Tucker (fa)             294
31st    Jake Huffman (tu)               295
32nd    Ridge Majors (tu)               298
33rd    Tristan Bailey (fa)             313
34th    Jaret Quinn (fa)                325
35th    Maxton Miller (tr)              331
36th    Alex Lombardi (tu)              335
37th    Tiffany LeMasters (tu)          339
38th    Matt Sigley (ti)                341
39th    Dylan Davis (ti)                351
40th    Nathan Davis (ti)               399
41st    Jacqub Smith (ti)               414

        3 Day Team Total        Points

1st     Tusky Valley    22
2nd     CVCA    21
3rd     Indian Valley   20
4th     Manchester      15
5th     Triway  11
6th     Tuslaw  10
7th     Fairless        6
8th     Timken  3

Pac-7 Coach of the Year - Terry Thompson (Tusky Valley)

Pac-7 Player of the Year - Bowe Andrews (CVCA)