May26-31, 2011 -- Memorial Day Weekend

Editor’s note: This weekend (May 27-31) is Memorial Day Weekend. At this  time, we should honor the brave soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines  for their courage to serve our country for both what might have been or are “popular” or “unpopular” wars, and moreover, those who have lost their lives in the process. 

Now,  on Memorial Day Weekend, all Americans should thank an American family who lost someone in one of the many American wars since the 1770s through which over one million American men have died.  They died to protect our freedoms. 

At the foundation of all other freedoms is the First Amendment – essentially the freedom of speech, freedom to practice a religion of choice, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of association and freedom to petition. It has been held for over 200 years that Congress shall make no law to abridge freedom of the press yet today this fundamental right is threatened in many disguised forms. 

Without the men who fought and died to protect this freedom that makes Student/Athlete-Cleveland and all other  media organizations possible, we would  be under totalitarian, absolute and tyrannical control and as Lord Acton once said would produce nothing but corruption. Hail all Americans who have died at war and God Bless America.