Tips for Student/Athletes

5 HEALTHY EATING Tips for Student/Athletes

1. EAT BREAKFAST. Did you know that kids who eat breakfast tend to do better
in school than kids who don't? Try some of these ideas for a go( d start to the day:
• whole grain cereal with low-fat milk and fruit
• whole wheat toast with peanut butter and ba4lanas
• yogurt with grapes or berries & granola
• oatmeal with low-fat milk and raisins
2. CREATE HEALTHY SNACKS. Healthy snacks
are a great way to refuel during the day. Check out
the Party Parfait Cup recipe or try one of these:
• carrots or celery with peanut butter and raisins
• air-popped or microwave popcorn sprinkled with
parmesan cheese
• apple slices with peanut butter
• whole wheat crackers with low-fat cheese
• yogurt with fruit and granola
3. MAKE MEALS COUNT. Aim for three balanced
meals a day. Meals should contain protein,
complex carbohydrates and a little fat. Here are
some meal ideas:
• whole wheat spaghetti and tomato sauce with veggies
• whole wheat bread with turkey breast, cheese, lettuce,
tomato and mustard
• chicken noodle or vegetable soup and salad with low-fat
Party Parfait Cups
I • 2 cups plain or vanilla
yogurt I • 1/2 cup fresh fruit - such as I
blueberries, strawberries, I
or grapes
• 1/4 cup vhole grain cereal I
or grar ola
Fill two cups halfway with I yogurt. Add a layer of fruit and I
I cereal. Spoon in the I remaining yogurt and add I another layer of fruit and I cereal. Refrigerate until serving I time, For frozen parfaits, freeze
the yogurt and fruit before you
I assemble.
4. LIMIT CERTAIN FOODS. Some foods should only be eaten in moderation and
can slow down your performance. Try to limit how much you eat of items such as:
• soda pop
• fast food like french fries and cheeseburgers
• fried foods
• sweets like candy, cake & cookies
5. DRINK WATER. Water is important for overall health and performance. Fluid is
lost through sweating and breathing and should be replenished by drinking
before, during and after exercise. Sports drinks are not usually necessary and
have extra sugar and calories.
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